What is Technical Illustration?

When you work in manufacturing, your customers must know how to use the products you have produced. One of the most important tools you have to help your customers understand your products and use them appropriately is the technical illustrations you have made for them. When you are first starting out, technical illustration can feel complicated, but since you already have a good understanding of your products, you can harness the power of technical illustration to move your business forward. When you understand what technical illustration is and how to use it appropriately, you can improve your business and ensure that every one of your customers can have a better experience with the products they purchase.

What is Technical Illustration For?

Technical publications like the manuals for complicated machinery need illustrations to properly demonstrate the various parts of the machine and how it can be used. A technical illustrator will use isometric illustration in addition to other tools to make sure that your products are properly documented in diagrams. These illustrations and diagrams will give your users insight into the machinery or other products they have purchased and help them to use them appropriately. If your products require assembly, technical illustrations can also be used to provide directions on how to assemble each piece properly. The exploded views of each device will indicate what parts need to be in what position so your customers can understand how their product is assembled and whether it is assembled correctly.

Who Does Technical Illustration?

Illustration in technical writing needs to be done by individuals with a thorough understanding of the device they are illustrating and the ability to execute a clear and realistic illustration. A professional technical illustrator needs to have the appropriate qualifications to indicate their skill and ability in the field. These qualifications include a degree in art, design, or engineering, as well as experience working with isometric illustrations. A technical illustrator also needs to be able to use illustration programming effectively in order to create the exploded view diagrams and other technical drawings that you need. You can hire a technical illustrator in-house or work with a technical illustration company that specializes in that type of work. Working with an outside company is best if you don’t have full-time technical illustration needs.

Benefits of Technical Illustrations

Technical illustration is an essential part of the technical writing materials you put out for your customers. These illustrations make it easier for your clients to understand the products they purchase and will help them use their products appropriately. You can use 3D isometric illustration to give your customers a full view of the product to ensure they understand how each piece fits together. Without illustration in technical writing, it can feel dense and obtuse. But the addition of isometric 3D illustration will make your products more accessible to users.


For example, an exploded diagram of a car in the user’s manual helps the owner better understand their vehicle.

Maintainers in the DOD and Commercial Aviation supply chain use illustrations to assist in:

  • Removal and installation maintenance procedures
  • Identifying and procuring parts for replacing failed components
  • Troubleshooting and location of components
  • Describing theory of operations

GGS’ illustration team has years of experience creating or rendering illustrations from 3D models. An increasing number of all technical manual projects with which GGS is involved in today require some level of rendering art from 3D models. GGS’s illustration team has the capability in using a variety of the most common 3D software packages. The GGS team is familiar with a variety of military and commercial aviation standard and specifications.


Technical illustration is a tool you can use to help your customers better understand your products. The right technical illustrations will give each user a clear view of the product they are using.

When you use GGS Information Services, Inc. technical illustration services, you can ensure that every customer has easy access to comprehensive and understandable information about your products.

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