Visual Design Principles for Modern eLearning Design and Development

Creating the instructional design for eLearning within your manufacturing business can feel overwhelming, but it is also an essential part of creating an effective eLearning system that provides proper training. With a robust design, you can ensure that your platform is effective and not distracting to the people who use it. And this will allow your eLearning platform to be successful and help your training reach its full potential.

The KISS Method of Color Selection

The colors you choose for your design palette have a profound impact on the look and feel of your eLearning service platform, but they also significantly impact the site’s readability. This makes choosing the right colors an essential part of your design for any eLearning services used for training purposes. The KISS method of color selection aims to keep things simple and avoid unnecessary complications.

It can be exciting to choose all the many different colors that you can use in your design, but in many cases, this will only cloud your content and make it difficult to understand. When using the KISS method of color selection, you zero in on two or three colors that you want to use and then stick to that palette. This will help you keep things simple and ensure clean design on every element of your eLearning publications.

Readability over Stylization

When building any publication for training purposes, the content must be readable. And this is doubly true for modern eLearning design that will be completed online. As much as you may want your publication to be beautiful, it is more critical that the final result is readable. Pretty fonts will not get information across if they cannot be read. So it would be best if you thought about the fonts you are using and how they can impact the readability of your content.

Fonts like Comic Sans and Papyrus can seem fun, but they are difficult to read and can cause confusion. You do not want to choose too many fonts and get cluttered in your content. On the other hand, fonts like Roboto and Helvetica are great options that are easy to read. It will be much more readable when you choose just a couple of fonts or a single font family for your eLearning content.

The Hero Image

When you are creating the design for your learning and training platform, you want to make an impact as quickly as possible so that you can draw people in. This is where your hero image is going to be essential. The hero image is the banner across the top of your website. Its job is to introduce people to your eLearning platform and give them an idea of your brand. An eLearning content designer will know how to create a hero image that is impactful and simple. You want to choose an image that helps build your credibility and draw attention to the most positive elements of your training materials.

Interactivity is Your Friend

You want to create a responsive eLearning design that gets participants involved in the process and helps them learn more effectively. Learning through reading alone is always tricky, and it can be hard on anyone’s attention span. Interactive elements can help cut through the difficulties with reading and provide additional stimulation for trainees. Teaching about manufacturing can be dry, but interactive features can help to make the process more exciting for participants.

You can use interactive activities and even quizzes to check in on learning and add variety to the process. And when you incorporate interactivity into the visual design for learning, it makes learning much more accessible for anyone who accesses it.

Embrace White Space

New designers often feel like they need to fill every space with color and text. However, embracing white space can help to make your content more readable and more appealing. In creative learning design, you can use white space to emphasize essential elements and guide trainees throughout the learning experience. Images can be helpful, but you do not want to add so much that it is distracting and challenging to learn from. Instead, focus on including the right amount of white space to keep your trainees invested and connected with the material they are learning online.

Make it Intuitive

If your learning materials are challenging to move through, it can become impossible for anyone to complete their training correctly. But with intuitive custom design, eLearning can be easier and more accessible to everyone looking to learn. Make your design as simple and easy to use as possible so that it will be impossible to mess up the learning experience. This will ensure that trainees learn what they need to understand in a timely manner. It will also cut down on stress and frustration throughout the training process. Try to limit the steps required to complete each task so you can continue to create a user-friendly experience.

Consistency is Key

Once you have started to figure out your learning design, you need to keep it consistent through every piece of content. This is much easier with the help of custom eLearning content development services tailored to your training program’s needs. The more consistent you can make your content, the more successful it will be at providing high-quality training. When you have a consistent design, learners will be able to navigate each lesson effectively because it mirrors the previous lessons. Keep your design running through every piece of content so your trainees know what to expect from each new assignment.

When creating your eLearning design, you want to make sure that it makes it easy and fun to learn throughout the entire training process. Every choice you make, from colors and fonts to the pictures and graphics you include, will impact the learning experience. And when you do it correctly, you will help your trainees to have a better learning experience.

If you would like to learn more about creating eLearning training programs and design, then please visit our website here for more information.  

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